Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Queen Nitocris of Egypt

Queen Nitocris was the last ruler of the sixth dynasty in Egypt around 2150 BC. There is currently no archaeological record of her but she was mentioned by Egyptian historian Manetho, Greek historian Herodotus and on the Turin Royal Canon. Her name has also appeared as Neterkare, Neterikare, Nitiqrty and Neitiqerty.

She succeeded Menenre Nemtyemsaf II or Menenre II who was her husband and brother. The reign of Menenre II lasted only one year before he was murdered. Nitocris spent her reign plotting revenge on those that killed her brother. Some speculation was she ruled for 12 years but her reign may have been as short as three years.

The account of her last days by Herodotus tells that she had an underground hall constructed that was connected to the Nile River by a hidden duct. She invited all those she felt were responsible for the death of Menenre II to a great feast. When everyone was seated and eating she ordered the barrier opened and the water from the Nile flowed in and drowned the traitors. She then committed suicide by throwing herself in a room with hot ashes where she suffocated.

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