Sunday, March 16, 2014

St Evaristus Fifth Pope

St Evaristus was the fifth Pope from 97 to 105. He was originally from a Jewish family from Jerusalem although he was born while they were living in Greece. Evaristus converted to Christian and later decided to become a priest. When chosen he didn't think he was worthy of being Pope but accepted the challenge. He was noted for appointing seven deacons to Rome. Pope Evaristus is also credited with dividing Rome into parishes and appointing priests to over see them just as Pope Anacletus had done. This may have been necessary due to the constant persecution the Christians were under and organization was undone when Roman Emperor Trajan exiled Pope Clement I. Pope Evaristus was arrested an imprisoned. Whether he just died in prison or was executed is unconfirmed. His Feast day is celebrated on October 26.

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