Sunday, May 25, 2014

St Zephyrinus 15th Pope

St Zephyrinus was the 15th Pope 199 to 217. His birth date is not known and it is believed he was born in Rome with the birth name Zepheniah. He spent his time dealing with the persecutions of the Christians set forth by Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, countering the heretical teachings for both the Montantists and the followers of Theodotus and trying to remain neutral as the theological schools of Hippolytus on one side and Cleomenes and Sabellius on the other debated the modality of God. Hippolytus did not think highly of Zephyrinus and referred to him as a simple man without education. Pope Zephyrinus was close to Callistus who he brought to Rome from Antium and made him a deacon. Upon his death Callistus was elected to succeed him which further infuriated Hippolytus as he and his scholars withdrew from the Roman Church causing a schism as Hippolytus declared himself a rival Pope. The Feast day of St Zephyrinus is celebrated on December 20.

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