Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ancient Seven Wonders of the World Fact Seventeen

All seven of the Ancient Wonders had ties to Alexander the Great. Five had been in existence during his time and all fell within the territory he eventually ruled. The Temple of Artemis was set ablaze the day he was born and was rebuilt after his death. There was a story he had visited the Great Pyramid of Giza after he conquered Egypt and ruled as their Pharoah 332 to 323 BC. He likely visited the Statue of Zeus while attending the Olympics and inspected the Mausoleum after conquering the city of Halicarnassus. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may have been located near where he died in 323 BC. The Colossus of Rhodes was built after his death after two of his generals fought and it celebrated the victor. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was necessary because it was at one of the several cities he had founded in his name.

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