Sunday, June 8, 2014

St Urban I 17th Pope

St Urban I was the 17th Pope from 222 to 230. His exact birth date is unknown but was born in Rome. He was the second Pope of four during the schism when Hippolytus rivaled the pontificate as the anti-Pope. The Roman Emperor Elagabalus was assassinated in 222 and his successor Alexander Severus had favorable views of the Christians and he protected Christianity. There is little known about the papacy of Urban but since Christianity thrived during the reign of Alexander Severus it is believed he was skilled at garnering conversions. A Papal decree is also attributed to Pope Urban about donations made at Mass by the faithful should be used for the common good of the Christian community. There were conflicting stories of his death ranging from him being beheaded to his being burned at the stake. Yet the majority believe he died of natural causes based on the peaceful conditions at the time. His Feast day is celebrated on May 25.

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